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Visual Design
Publication Design

Role: Editor at Georgetown University

Duration: 2 yrs

Deliverables: Gnovis Spring 2022 Vol 22, Issue 1

2018 Gnovis Journal Fall 2018 Vol 19.1.jpg


Gnovis 2022 Publication Design

After 1 month of colour strategy, brand strategy, and typographic experimentation, the old cover (left) was re-designed to the new cover (below).

Gnovis Journal Design.jpg
Spring 2022 gnovis Journal cover.jpg
Fall 2018 gnovis Journal.jpg

Converted print layout (left) to digital reader layout (below) using user centric principles to drastically improving readability of pdfs: Adobe Caslon pt 14 and Leading 18pt. Gutters removed.

Visual Communication (2).jpg
infographic journal page.jpg
Gnovis Journal Design (1).jpg

improved infographic quality, size, colour contrast, bleeding diagrams/photographs across pages.



Poster Design

Brief: To design posters to recruit book review authors for 2022 publication cycle. 

1st iteration: B&W basic maintaining readability with addition of eye catching asymmetric shapes

Gnovis Book reviews 3_Logo 01- 600 x 600 px.png
Gnovis Book reviews 9_Logo 01- 600 x 600 px.png
Logo 01- 600 x 600 px.png

4th iteration: Extracting colours from contextual themes to create colour scheme consistent with brand

Gnovis Book reviews colour 3_Logo 01- 600 x 600 px.png
Screen Shot 2022-03-02 at 1.32.06 AM (1).png
IMG_4716 (1).png

The Final Iteration: 2 separate posters for social media and print.

Gnovis book reviews 1_Logo 01- 600 x 600 px.png
Gnovis Book reviews_Logo 01- 600 x 600 px.png
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