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Spotify Social Re-design

Duration: 6 months
Role: Graduate Research Lead

Deliverables: 8 discovery interviews, User Journey map, Service Blueprint, 3 personas, Design Critique




Users have to use Whatsapp, and Messenger to share songs and playlists. The recommendations they receive from friends are over these platforms as well. Many users want to listen to what their friends are listening to even if their music tastes differ.

8 discovery interviews with people using the app every single day for 2+ years tell us that there are 3 kinds of personas wrt social recommendations. They want to discover new music, relate to their friends or collaborate.

A system design analysis reveals a service blueprint that spotify could use to re-design. Mockup Wireframes, Persona details and a User Journey map lead the road to a re-design.

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The Inspiration


The Works

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