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Japanese Calligraphy
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Logo Design

Brief: a logo, home icon, for my portfolio website, resume typographic graphical image, business card logo, etc.

Visual Communication (1).jpg

Process: I wanted to represent the application of my understanding of culture studies, diversity, multi-culturalism, inter-cultural dialogue, my roots and how it enables me to do the above. I wanted to integrate the hindi language alphabet "Ra" (in red) which is the first letter of my name in Hindi. Its interesting shape resembles the right end of the english alphabet "R" which co-incidentally (no such thing! 😜) is the first letter of my name in english .


I chose an Indian typographic font that I could manipulate to produce the R and the S. The S was also originally a hindi alphabet "ee" that I re-designed to look like an S. You can still see the Indianised elemental form in it. The black represents the english (anglicising) parts while the "Ra" in red represents my initials "R".


After representing the logo on merchandise. I got a better sense of colour, depth and negative spaces. The final result was 

Asset 14_300x-8.png
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