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Habitat for Humanity of Bergen County

Duration: 6 months
Role: Marketing Specialist

Adobe Creative Suite,  Google Analytics, Meta Business Suite,, Constant Contact, Hootsuite, Canto CMS




Habitat for Humanity of Bergen County is on a mission to build affordable housing for hardworking families in need. The marketing goal was to enhance Habitat for Humanity of Bergen County’s digital presence to increase brand awareness, volunteer engagement, and drive donations to build more houses per year. This can be achieved only by elevating the visibility of projects, engaging the community, and fostering a supportive network of donors and volunteers.

Only by establishing themselves digitally could HFH Bergen demonstrate a genuine need for affordable housing, display transparency & educate the audience. This attracts more resources from surrounding townships & communities, including land, volunteers, and donations, ultimately enabling the organization to build more houses for families in need of affordable housing.

  • Strategic Analysis: Conducted a comprehensive assessment to align digital marketing strategies with organizational goals and identified the most effective platforms & content types.

  • Brand Consistency: Brought the designs back to branding guidelines  set by Habitat for Humanity in 2023.

  • Content Development: Moved towards video and reel to increase variety of content, including testimonials, volunteer stories, and project updates, designed to resonate with our audience.

  • Monitoring and Optimization: Utilized real-time analytics to refine our approach, ensuring maximum engagement and effectiveness of our digital campaigns.

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